COVID-19 - Charities - A Message from Heather



A message from Heather


The current situation is unprecedented, and there will be a huge impact on businesses and their employees.


Charities are after all businesses, and each Charity will need to consider the impact on how it operates, raises funds and provides support.


We have been keeping you up to date with the support that is available from the Government for business, and actions you should take, but would also suggest that you keep up to date with the advice provided by the Charity Commission.

The guidance sets out the most frequently asked questions, and deals with practical issues for running your charity at this time.


The Charity Commission has also said that a Charity can file for an extension to the date it needs to file its annual return.


It understands that the Charity sector will face challenges including looking after its staff, volunteers, and trustees, who may fall ill, have to self-isolate, or have to look after loved ones.  The sector also has a vital role to play in looking after it's beneficiaries, many of whom will be amongst the most vulnerable during this public health emergency.


They want to assure Charities that their approach to regulation during this period, will be as flexible and supportive as possible.  The primary interest of the Charity is looking after the public and the communities they serve.  Charities can feel confident that the Charity Commission will, where possible, act in a pragmatic way, by taking account of the wider public interest during this unprecedented period.


Where you face real and urgent legal issues, you should take advice on these.


Charities can also call the Charity Commission Contact Centre:


Telephone 0300 066 9197 - Open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.


As an immediate step, Charities that are due to submit an Annual Return imminently, but feel unable to do so, can call them to request a filing extension.


Another useful site is The Civil Society:

Crowe UK is another source of useful information for non-profit organisations during COVID-19.  Take a look at their updates:

Will continue to keep you updated, and hope that you can all put plans in place to ensure you can support your beneficiaries.

Getting through this will be tough, but the sector is used to challenges, and working out how to deal with them.

Take care, and be safe.