Test drive a Tesla ... Own one as a company car - Our 7th successful event

16th September 2019

Thank you to our wonderful guests, for making our 7th event with Tesla at Wynyard Hall another fantastic day.

What's not to like ... chance to save £70k tax on a company car over three years by switching to an electric vehicle that does 0-60 in 2 seconds! ... and getting the chance to test drive the Tesla Models X, S and 3.

Thanks to our guest speaker David Mullen, and also Jennifer Mullen of JDM Earth Limited for providing an insight into the many options available regarding the installation of electric vehicle charging points.

Thanks to all of the team at Tesla Leeds, whom we've worked with over the last few years.  Your passion and knowledge for all that is Tesla is overwhelming.

Thanks also the the amazing teams at Wynyard Hall, for always going above and beyond, enabling our events to run so smoothly.

We look forward to more events next year, let us know if you would be interested in attending.  #Teamwork #TeamWalsons #ZeroTax #Teesside #TeesValley #NorthEast